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Last updated & effective: January 13th, 2023


​On May 25, 2018, a new data privacy law called the General Data Protection Regulation - (GDPR), came into force, impacting how businesses collect and process data from individuals who live in the European Union (EU).

Our clients privacy is a priority to Perfect, llc. Rest assure as a client you can be confident in this platform, and that the data collected
within is processed securely and in accordance with GDPR requirements.

The following are requirements of the GDPR of which is abiding by:

       • Asking permission to collect personal data via a website.

       • Supplying a double opt-in method to ensure the user gives their consent to collect and/or receive information.

       • Providing an easy, clear opt-out option or a way for users to unsubscribe in order to stop receiving marketing information.

       • Providing detailed information on why, and how that personal data is being used.

       • Storing personal data of any sort in a safe, secure, and organized manner.

       • Informing anyone of which personal data is being collected from, their right to a copy of that information within one month
         free of charge. In addition to the right to have their information completely erased from any and all data bases.

       • Bring awareness to my clients, employees, colleagues, and anyone allowed access to the personal information collected

         from any employees, customers, users, and other controllers, etc.




​If you have any questions about GDPR, please contact us:

      0000 Enter Street., Ste #
      San Diego, CA


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